• Minors in theater and psychology
  • Member of Psi Chi and Alpha Psi Omega Honor Societies
  • More than 70 television and theater productions

August 1979 - May 1982

  • Minor classes in business management.  
  • Thesis: The Diffusion of Videotext Technology
  • One of the first national online surveys
  • Graduate representative

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Master of Arts Telecommunications

June 1985 - October 1986

My Education


Steven J. Dick, Ph.D.

Western Kentucky University 

Bachelor of Arts Broadcasting

September 1987- August 1993

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  • Minor classes in economics and regulated industries
  • Dissertation: Forum Talk: An analysis of interaction in telecomputing system. 
  • Graduate assistant until June 1992
  • Graduate representative

Michigan State University

Mass Media Ph.D. Program